Season ski passes are definitely the way to go if you’re planning to ski your heart out.

And why wouldn’t you? Our Winter Wonderland was meant to be constantly used so grab a ski pass and come whenever you feel that urge.

Buying more than 3? Enable Fill-a-Triple & Save!

Season Ski Pass types

  • Fill-a-Triple - Must purchase 3 or more passes at the same time to receive this rate, not available for special promotions)
  • GPA Discount - Discounts are given on the current rate based on your most recent report card. The discount applies to whichever rate the student qualifies for - including Fill-a-Triple!
    • How it works: 3.5 or above = 50% Off, 3.0-3.49 = 35% Off, 2.5-2.99 = 20% Off
  • College Pass - Must have a valid college ID
  • School Card - School kids & homeschoolers can purchase a card valid any midweek ski day - (Monday thru Thursday) beginning January 2nd, 2019 thru the end of the 2019 Ski Season. This card also entitles you to $5 rentals and $5 group clinics (must sign up in advance)
  • Military - Members of the military take 50% off adult season pass rate