It’s time to get some chill with your chilly. Hit the slopes and snag some fun on our Winter Playground.

Just you, your snowmies, and good times.

Epic family bonding, thy name is FamJam.

There's plenty of romance to go around.

group of funny friends slide downhill together on mountain holiday

Book now before we’re buried

Get rolling this winter with some real fun at Treetops! Winter activities fill up quickly, so don’t let your chance melt away.

You’d be crazy to miss these events.

Seriously, don’t be that person saying “That looks fun, but...” No buts. Expect the only “but” from your family to be, “but why do we have to leave?”

The 5 Wonders of Michigan await.

The Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Giza, the rest of the Wonders of World — They can’t hold a candle to the golf courses at Treetops Michigan resort. 

Show us what you got. #treetopsmich