Better golf begins with better instruction.

While we have our golf courses as the 5 Wonders of Michigan, the 6th Wonder is actually our PGA Pro instructors. They make magic by turning borderline mini-golfers to semi-professionals. Treetops Resort of Gaylord, Michigan offers both indoor golf lessons and outdoor golf lessons, for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

Students have traveled from all over the world to improve their game with Treetops' golf lessons in Michigan. We take progression very seriously and have plenty of skilled alumni to back that up. Top-notch instruction continues to be a Treetops staple, as we have spectacular programs for everyone. Not only do we provide a world-class practice facility, but we provide 81 holes conveniently located within the 5 Wonders of Michigan. Take a whirl with the 6th Wonder, and level up your game.

Meet Your Instructor

Hummingbird in garden, August 18, 2015John L. Russell

Golf Academy, Schools and Workshops

One-day Workshop

  • 5 Hours of Golf Instruction
  • V1 Video Analysis with Personalized Lesson Web Page
  • Foresight Sports Launch Monitor Technology
  • Unlimited Golf

$250 per student

Two-day Workshop

  • 9 ½ Hours of Golf Instruction
  • V1 Video Analysis & Personalized Lesson Web Page
  • Foresight Sports Launch Monitor Technology
  • 2 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
  • Treetops Golf Academy Gift
  • 2 Nights Lodging
  • Unlimited Golf

$699 per student

Three-day Workshop

  • 14 Hours of Golf Instruction
  • V1 Video Analysis with Personalized Lesson Web Page
  • Foresight Sports Launch Monitor Technology
  • 2 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
  • Treetops Golf Academy Gift
  • 2 Nights Lodging
  • Unlimited Golf

$889 per student

Ladies Golf School

  • 3 Nights Lodging
  • 3 Days of golf instruction
  • 12 hours golf instruction
  • Video Analysis 
  • Cocktail reception
  • 3 Breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner 
  • Tee Gift: $25 gift certificate for use at the Spa or Golf Pro Shop 
  • 3 Days of Unlimited Golf

$679pp double occ

Couples Golf School

  • 8 ½ Hours Of Golf Instruction
  • V1 Video Analysis with Personalized Lesson Web Page
  • 2 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
  • Treetops Golf Academy Gift
  • 2 Nights Lodging
  • Unlimited Golf

$1,350 per couple


The Treetops Golf Academy offers demonstration golf clinics at 2:30pm every day throughout the golf season, on the Jones Masterpiece Driving Range.  Topics will range from:

  • Short Game Shot Selection
  • How to Maximize Distance with your Driver
  • Putting Drills Guaranteed to Help you Lower your Scores
  • Golf Fitness and Warmup Routines
  • How to Shape Shots
  • Important Principles for Solid Contact Every Time

These clinics last one hour and are a wonderful opportunity to get some pointers for your game and see captivating demonstrations from our PGA Professional Staff.  These clinics are available for resort guests or visitors for only $10.


Do you have a group of 10 or more people?  If so, the Treetops Golf Academy teaches customized clinics for groups of any size.  These learning experiences are a wonderful way to treat customers or employees to a fantastic team building experience, surrounded by nature and our wonderful game.  Additionally, these clinics can work well as meeting spaces for bachelor parties, wedding groups, or reunions as well.  There is not a better way to prepare to golf on our collection of world class golf courses.  Customized Group Golf Clinics are priced based on the time and scope of the experience and can be as inexpensive as $5 per person.


Indoor Winter Lessons

There are certain times during the year when it is important to work on scoring and other times when it is important to work on swing changes. Without a doubt, the best time to change a golf swing is during the Winter months. One of the reasons for this is our ability to teach indoor golf lessons utilizing technology which helps students learn new movements faster. In a study done by the National Golf Foundation they found that students learn new movement patterns three times faster when they can see what they are doing.

At the Treetops Golf Academy we utilize V1 Motion Analysis technology to teach students how to change their swings. We also have the advantage of the most advanced Launch Monitor technology available which we utilize to help students what causes the ball to fly the way that it does. By helping the students to understand how to control the golf club at impact they can gain huge ball flight gains. This along with seeing the way their body moves helps us to make better golfers.

Private Golf Instruction

Our Private Golf Instruction Programs are set up to create the best path to achieve your goals.  There is only one way to begin on the path to get better, and that is to set up the first Private Golf Lesson.  During this private lesson, our instructor will gain an understanding of what you’d like to achieve with your golf game and help you develop a plan to reach those goals.  We consider ourselves partners in your success and often get more excited than our students do about their achievements.  Take the first step to improvement, and book your first Private Golf Lesson today!

1-Hour Sessions — One-on-one

PGA Director of Instruction

  • Joe Charles, PGA.
  • V1 Video Analysis
  • TOUR Pro comparison
  • Foresight Launch Monitor


PGA Staff Professional


Assistant Golf Professional


Additional Private Golf Instruction

The Fitness Evaluation

Our TPI Certified Golf Instructor will take you through a series of 16 physical screens to identify any limitations in your body that might affect the way you swing the club.  The Fitness Evaluation session also includes proper pre-round warm up routines.

30 minutes


The Stix Fix

A complete analysis of all of your golf clubs, identifying correct length, lie angle, shaft flex, loft/yardage gapping, etc…  This time can also be used to be fitted for new golf equipment.  When a purchase is made, the Stix Fix fee is applied to that purchase.

1 Hour


The Playing Lesson

This is your chance to play 9 holes with a PGA Golf Professional.  In addition, you’ll receive one-on-one golf instruction covering golf course management, full swing, short game, and trouble shots.  Following the 9 holes, you are welcome to continue playing the back 9, and apply what you’ve learned.


Junior golfers or Collegiate golfers receive a 30% discount on the programs above.

Additional Private Golf Instruction

The Tune Up

The Tune Up is designed to get you ready for the season or to fix specific swing characteristics found in the initial diagnosis.

5 Lessons


The Overhaul

The Overhaul is a plan that touches on all aspects of the game.  It provides the time necessary to make lasting changes in the full swing, short game and on course scoring improvement.  Bonus — Includes a Seasonal Range Membership at Treetops.

10 lessons — plus bonus


The Master Plan

The Master Plan is the ultimate game improvement package, designed to help you with all aspects of your game. Our success stories from our students who have taken this plan previously are limitless! Bonus — Includes a Seasonal Range Membership at Treetops.

15 lessons — plus bonus


Student Portal

Login to see your personalized lessons page where you can see your history of lessons, videos from your lessons, and so much more!

Our teachers will turn you into a champion

Learning better techniques won’t be as bad as college, we promise. Start your road to the PGA today, sign up for golf lessons.