Take Your Golfing Skills to the Next Level with on-Course Golf Lessons!

Treetops' Get Golf Ready Extreme program takes learning golf straight to the course. Our on-course golf lessons provide golfing students the opportunity to meet each week in a fun, laid-back atmosphere. The golf lesson series will include 5 sessions.

Get Golf Ready Extreme

5 weeks of on-course instruction.

(Instruction appropriate for ages 14 and older)


Get Golf Ready Extreme Military

5 weeks of on-course instruction.

Active or Retired Military


Don’t let the name fool you, this program is for everyone!

Film Your Swing Night

July 30th @ 6:00pm

Students will receive a text message and email with video of their swing diagnosis

Distance Night

August 6th @ 6:00pm

Students will go through a series of drills to learn how to hit the ball further

Green Reading Night

August 13th @ 6:00pm

Trouble Shot Night

August 20th @ 6:00pm

Students will learn how to escape from precarious situations on course and deal with uneven lies

Film Your Swing (again) Night

August 27th @ 6:00pm

Students will receive a text message and email video of before/after swing comparison showing improvement

Choose between Monday or Wednesday sessions.

Because we know life gets busy.

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