Rules separate men from beasts.

Although we’re all technically animals, you can’t expect us to monitor over 3,000 acres with no guidelines. We’re not as bad as the TSA, we promise.

Lodging Policies

Check-In & Check-Out

Pretty straight forward: Bug the Lodge Staff at the Front Desk. Check-in starts at 5pm, and for check-out, we give you the boot at noon.

Early Arrival & Late Departure

We can’t promise anything in regarding timing, but we’re not heartless. If your situation bends us a little, it’s not a big deal.

Room and Location Requests

Look, everybody wants Room 69, 111, and every other “cool” number. We can’t guarantee anything until you show up. We promise you’ll be okay if you don’t get room 420.


Expect our housekeeping staff to refresh your rooms. Don’t expect them to give you 500 towels for a towel fort. As cool as that would be, it’s hard to accommodate. For you fancy condo and cottage folk, we’ll be over there every other day. Sorry, not sorry.

Reservation Policies

Reservation Deposit & Cancellation

Cancellation is simple: Cancel seven (7) days before your arrival, or we keep your deposit. Also, if you’re a no-show (really?), we keep your deposit. Stuff happens, we get it. But don’t wait until the last minute and then look at us like we’re the bad guys. That’s rude.

Special Events

Guess what else is special about special events? It’s a surprise. Ask our Reservation Team about requirements for events booked in advance (SPOILER ALERT: may require advance payments).


Whether Buddy is potty trained or not (the dog, not your son), we don’t want to risk them injuring themselves, other guests, or becoming lunch for the furry natives out here. However, service animals, of course are permitted.

Golf Course Policies

Tee Time Reservations Policy

The future is now people. Crack open that laptop and reserve your tee time that’s too early for everyone, but you. We’ve even got drop-down menus, so you quickly can pick the earliest time possible. Hey, if your friends show up an hour later, that’s on you. For those untrusting of modern marvels, feel free to bring your tinfoil hat with you to the courses’ closest golf shop for same day reservations. Yes, we still accept advance phone reservations, but we’ll need a list of information from you if you’re not reserving online:

  1. Date of play
  2. Golf course(s)
  3. Time slot
  4. Number of players
  5. Last name, First name, phone number and e-mail address
  6. Credit card to hold the tee time

There’s some extra things you probably should know too:

  • Less than four players? Well, guess what? You’re making new friends since we pair up singles, twosomes, and threesomes. Oh, don’t make that face. It’s never a bad idea to have more buddies to share bogeys with. If you’re averse to sharing your tee time with others, we’ll guarantee you won’t get paired for the foursome price. Or you can plead your case to the golf shop to see if there’s a less busy time slot and course available.
  • Three’s a crowd, but five’s a mob. So, generally, fivesomes are not allowed, but we’re not hard and fast on this. If there’s a legitimate reason for your mini-convention, take it up with the Director of Golf or Head Professional.
  • Look, if you flake on your tee time for 7:23am, expect a wake-up call in the form of additional fees. Be sure to cancel at least 24 hours in advance for groups less than 8 players, 3 days in advance for groups under 23 players, and 1 week for groups of 24 or more.

Dress Code

Now if you want to show up in a shark onesie, you can. Don’t expect to golf though. Feel free to sit in the lobby as entertainment. There’s a dress code on the courses friends:

  • For our macho muchachos: Slacks or shorts and shirts with sleeves. This isn’t Muscle Beach man, come on.
  • For our lovely ladies: Dresses, skirts, slacks or shorts and a family-friendly shirt (no midriffs). If you wouldn’t wear it to a kid’s birthday party, don’t wear it on the course.


We suggest you show up for your tee time at least 30 minutes prior. If you’re starting at 8:30, you better be here by 8. Unlike previews at the movies, you don’t have a 15-minute grace period to goof off.

  • Note: For those with tee times on the Tradition, keep in mind that it’s a 10-minute drive from the golf shop to the first tee. We know our merch is awesome, but don’t get too distracted.

Golf Cart Policy

We’ll need someone to sign off for any golf cart rental. Before your buddies decide to reenact The Fast and Furious on the fairway, do know that we take note of the cart’s condition before and after use. The signee will get a nice surprise on their credit card if the cart comes back with anything less than 4 wheels or other damage. Follow the link below to view the rental agreement you'll be required to sign.

View Golf Cart Agreement

Driving Range Policy

Before your tee time, we’ll give you a chance to get warmed up with one bag of range balls. Practice that PGA-level swing before using it on the course. If you still have performance anxiety, then you can buy more range balls at the shop. Also, no tee time is needed for the driving range and it’s open from 30 minutes before the first tee time of the day, until dusk. We’ll be closing the driving range one morning and one night during the week, so our crew can do donuts with the mower.

Rider Policy

We don’t have a problem with you having a golfing caravan rolling along the green unless it’s busy. Our carts aren’t particularly clown cars either as there is only room for 2. If you can’t fit your whole crew, an extra cart will cost $25.

Walking Policy

We get it, you have legs and you want to use them. You’re more than welcome to on the Tradition course after driving in. Our other four courses require butts in golf cart seats unless you want to spend more time walking than swinging. Every now and then, we’ll allow you to hoof it on the Premier though...just ask and after we tell you you're crazy, we may just let you.


We’re not talking salad and shrimp forks here. Respect is the most important rule at Treetops, but we do have a few other things we require our golf-goers to adhere to:

  1. Safety is priority, so we encourage players to shout “Fore!” at the top of their lungs when applicable. Seriously, make sure you’re not teeing-off when golfers are even close to in your range...and we all know you think your range is farther than it actually is.
  2. Have some class and let the group ahead of you finish up. The last thing anyone needs is getting their balls mixed up with some joker from a mystery group.
  3. Make sure everyone’s ready to go on their turn. It’s a courtesy thing. We’re not suggesting you bring an airhorn for those that are prone to spacing-out, but we’re also not against it.
  4. Golfing isn’t to be rushed, but there’s a difference between taking your time and clogging up the course. Try to keep a steady pace so everyone can leave on time. While we're young!
  5. To make things speedy: Take your putter and any other needed club to the green surrounds. Practice continuous putting whenever possible so others can hole short putts out instead of marking and waiting. Position your clubs so you can grab them on the way back to the cart. Lastly, scorekeeping should be done on the next tee.

Pace of Play Policy

For the sake of efficiency, we’ve got few guidelines for how things flow. Slow pokes, please let us know if it’s difficult to keep up and we’ll put you in a tee time perfect for turtles (late afternoon).

1.  Treetops Resort asks that the lead group on each golf course play in less than the pace of play target for each course. If you’re leading the charge as the first group on any course, we’ll need you to hustle a bit faster than the rated times below:

  • Masterpiece – 4 hours, 45 minutes
  • Premier – 4 hours, 35 minutes
  • Signature – 4 hours, 33 minutes
  • Tradition – 4hours, 2 minutes

2. Like rush-hour traffic, you can only go as fast as the group before you, so don’t panic if you’re falling behind because of that. Just stay on the heels of the group prior:

  • Par 3’s – group in front should be on the same hole or just pulling away as you arrive at the tee box.
  • Par 4’s – group in front should be in the fairway or pulling to the green as you arrive at the tee box.
  • Par 5’s – group in front should be in the fairway as you arrive at the tee box.

3. Our rangers, aka the Pace Police, will be hot on your heels should your group fall behind significantly. Don’t worry they’re nice. They’ll give you solid advice on how to speed it up:

  • 1st Warning – Ranger informs you of your position in relation to time and/or the group in front of you and ask how they can help improve your play.
  • 2nd Warning – Ranger reminds you again and lets you know that we’ll be forced to move your group into position if you’re still lagging.
  • 3rd Warning – Ranger asks that your group pick up your balls and move into position behind the group in front of you. This may result in skipping a hole or two.

 Care for the Course

  1. All bunkers are to be raked following your presence in the bunker
  2. Rakes should be left on the edge of the bunker
  3. Fairway divots shall be replaced or filled with sand provided.  Divots on the tee should be filled with sand where present and by replacing the divot if sand is not present.
  4. Try not to damage the turf or the lip of the cup when moving the flagstick.  We ask that you reach into the hole to remove your ball than using your putter or another club.
  5. Any ball damage to the green needs to be fixed right away.  Pro tip: Fix your ball mark and at least one other on each green.
  6. Let’s try to avoid excessive damage to the greens.  We recommend standing away from the cup when not putting and picking up your feet when walking to avoid scuffs.

Golf carts should be kept at least 30 yards away from greens and tees.  Use the cart paths near the greens and tees and the entire length of Par 3 holes. Keep golf cards about 30 yards from greens and tees. No off-roading with the carts. We created those paths for a reason, so use them.

Junior Golf Policy

For all those golfers that haven’t graduated high school, congratulations, you’re still a Junior in our eyes. But don’t fret parents, they’ll get special rates and other cool benefits at Treetops. Also, they’ll need a valid driver’s license to take our golf carts for a spin.

Twilight Golf Policy

Alright so the afternoon isn’t exactly twilight, but it sounds cool at least. Enjoy a discounted rate of play any day after 3pm. There’s no guarantee you’ll complete a full round of 18 holes, FYI. Also, since everybody and their grandma wants tee times for Threetops in the afternoon, we do not offer Twilight Golf on that course.

Lastly, make it a point to head back to our clubhouse at least 30 minutes before sunset. We’d like to see everyone make it home safely and without incident.

Re-play Golf Policy

Same day re-plays are available seven days a week. This means you can play back-to-back 18-hole rounds and enjoy a discounted rate on the second time around.

9-Hole Golf Policy

9-hole rates are only for the Tradition and Threetops courses.  If you want to play 9 holes on the Masterpiece, Premier or Signature, check with the pro shop as we'll sometimes permit that, however, the location of hole #10 is not very conducive to this.

Rain Check Policy

If Mother Nature is raining on your golfing parade, we’ll give you a rain check since we don’t issue refunds for bad weather.

If you’ve begun your round, but it is interrupted by weather, here’s how it goes:

  • Holes 1 – 4 completed – rain check for full value is given
  • Holes 5 – 14 completed – rain check for half value is given
  • Holes 15 – 18 completed – no raincheck is given

Food and Beverage

Look, if you think a tailgate is necessary for a round of golf, you’ll be disappointed. We don’t allow any outside food or beverage on the premises, especially on the golf courses. State your hunger at any of our restaurants or golf shop lounges, but don’t you dare bring a cooler. For all you rebels out there, we’ll take your outside food and drink then return it to you at the end of your round.

Additional Policies


Take your cigarettes to the designated areas, or $250 goes up in smoke if you light up in our rooms. Have you ever tried getting smoke smells out of a mattress? Exactly.


As fun as they are, we can’t allow snowmobiles on golf courses or certain Resort locations. But we’re not party poopers; ask our agents about the proper trail access and parking areas to get your zoom on.


Hold your horses, SkyNet. Leave the drones at home unless you get our blessing. Treetops Resort prohibits just about everything that a drone can do. If you somehow get the green light, make sure it follows rules set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), FBI, CIA, Homeland Security… Well, you get the gist. Violations are no bueno and may incur fines, legal fees, or get your sweet tech snatched by our staff, where you can buy it back on Craigslist. Just kidding. Kind of.

Pool Policy/Hours

Come relax poolside, or regret a belly flop in our pool & hot tub areas, open daily from 8:00am to 10:30pm, with towel rentals on tap. We don’t have the budget for a Baywatch crew, so all minors need to be with an adult when splashing around. If we catch you messing around after hours or not respecting our policies, you won’t be back. Trust us.

Quiet Hours

We’re not saying your onesie party has to end at 1:00am, but have some respect for your fellow vacationers. Quiet hours are from 10:30pm to 8:00am, and we mean it. Just because you’re not planning on getting an early start doesn’t mean everybody is going to be a lazy bone with you. If you think you’re too good for courtesy, then you’re too good for Treetops, and we’ll have to ask you to leave.

Have additional Questions?

Let our great staff answer any questions you have.