With our 2019/20 Winter Indoor Golf League, you can schedule your matches on days and times that work for you. Limited to the first 16 two person teams– men, women, or mixed, who will enjoy 10 competitive matches on the most advanced simulator software available.

Dates & Availability
November 18th—April 18th
Tuesdays & Thursdays
6PM Match Start time
Saturdays & Sundays
Based on Availability

Once you register, you can pre-book all your matches for the entire season!

Bring other non-league friends with you to fill your foursome, just $20 per person.

We’ve scheduled at least 2 weeks to play each match with extra time around holidays.

Schedule: (All rounds on front 9)

Nov 18th—Dec 7th Teton Pines
Dec 9th—21st Prairie Dunes
Dec 23rd—Jan 11th Pormarnock
Jan 13th—25th Dallas National
Jan 27th—Feb 8th Congressional
Feb 10th—Feb 22nd Abu Dhabi
Feb 24th—Mar 7th Doral Blue Monster
Mar 9th—21st Merrion
Mar 23rd—Apr 4th Olympic Club
Apr 6th—18th Cog Hill