Dying to work on your game but summer got away from you? Maybe you're heading to warmer weather this winter and want to  show off some new skills? Whatever your reason, we can make it happen. Students have traveled from all over the world to improve their game with Director of Instruction, Joe Charles.

If you act fast, you can save 10% on Treetops Golf Academy normal lesson pricing

Private Lesson with PGA Director of Instruction

  • 1-Hr Lesson with Joe Charles, PGA.
  • V1 Video Analysis
  • TOUR Pro comparison
  • Foresight Launch Monitor

$99 - Save 10%

The Tune Up

  • The Tune Up is designed to get you ready for the season or to fix specific swing characteristics found in the initial diagnosis.

    5 Lessons

$399 - Save 10%

The Overhaul

  • The Overhaul is a plan that touches on all aspects of the game.  It provides the time necessary to make lasting changes in the full swing, short game and on course scoring improvement.  Bonus — Includes a Seasonal Range Membership at Treetops.

    10 lessons — plus bonus

$799 - Save 10%

The Master Plan

  • The Master Plan is the ultimate game improvement package, designed to help you with all aspects of your game. Our success stories from our students who have taken this plan previously are limitless! Bonus — Includes a Seasonal Range Membership at Treetops.

    15 lessons — plus bonus

$1150 - Save 10%

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