Register your team for the EggFest 2019!

This family friendly competition is your opportunity to demonstrate your skills and creativity, along with a chance to win a Big Green Egg and other awesome prizes!

Registration is a 2-step process:
  1. Fill out your registration form below
  2. Upon submission, you will be redirected to pay your entry fee
Questions? Call 866-248-5249

Bring your flair! We want to see your team spirit.

(Up to 4 t-shirts are included with your entry fee, but only if you submit your registration and entry fee by April 15, 2019).

Ready to Grill?

Would you like to be on the waiting list for an additional large Egg to use for the competition for an extra $50? We will offer any extra Eggs in the order teams register. We will let you know April 15th and if you do get one, you will pay the additional $50 at that time.
Just a few sentences describing your team - such as where you're from, grilling experience, have you done this before or is it your first competition?
We have special lodging rates for cooking teams and if you select yes, we will contact you with details and assist you with your reservation.