If canoes are the bikes of river craft, then kayaks are definitely the dirt bikes. Narrowly avoid ruining your friendships and family ties with some friendly racing along the Au Sable River. After smoking your friends and family, consider joining the annual Au Sable Canoe Marathon for some humble pie. There’s always somebody better.

Get geared up by our outfitters with everything you need for kayaking. Take some rations for the Tour de Kayak in the form of boxed lunches for everyone. They can’t be too mad about losing if you feed them.


Costs vary based on trip length, day of the week, and number of rented boats. Below are some examples:

  • Weekends (Fri-Sun) and Holidays, 2.5 hour rental:
    • $30 Tandem Kayak, $25 Single Kayak
  • 2.5 Hr. Weekdays (Mon-Thurs) 2.5 hour:
    • $25 Tandem Kayak, $20 Single Kayak.

Per-unit discount if you are renting more than 5 canoes and kayaks.*

Kayaking Reservations

Reservations are required in advance to go kayaking. A credit card is required at time of booking, and cancellation fees apply for no-shows.