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Open every day into March!

Great news! They snow crew is killing it - here's what's open, with a possible 4 more runs this weekend!

Check Out Treetops Snowmaking and our Live Webcam

A Quick Look

Date: Friday, December 16th  
Hours of Operation: 10am - 6pm  
New Snow: Since Wednesday, we've received 16 inches and more is falling now  
Base: 12 - 44 inches  
% of Skiable Terrain Open: 52%  
Slopes Open: 13   
Slope Conditions: perfect packed powder  
Extreme Tubing: Coming Soon!  
Terrain Parks: Oh Yeah! See Below...USASA Competition this weekend!


Lifts Open: Lift 1, Lift 3 and 2 Rope Tows  
Cross Country: Open and groomed - see you at the Activity Center  

Slope Status

Beginner Slopes   
Laughing Birch Run  Laughing Sitzmark
Laughing Stubby    Loafer
Intermediate Slopes   
 Laughing Al's Bypass  Laughing The Chute
  Old Face Full Laughing  Round House
 Laughing Sweet Caroline  Laughing Money Pit
Laughing Cross Cut   Schuss-Away
Advanced Slopes   
 Laughing Hemlock Hollow   Jumpin' Judas
 Laughing Lookout   Ridge Run
  Spillaway   The Lark
  Hunter's Drop  Laughing Timber Trail
  The Yard   Tournament Hill
Laughing Kathryn's Way    

In the latest Park News:

The Sitzmark: 3 jumps, spine & step-up table, barrel bonk, flat steel tube & big box rail

The Chute: 2 jumps with 4 rails, double barrel, black tube, and a 2nd double barrel into a skinny box rail

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We will most likely be opening 4 additional slopes at some point this weekend.  Don't miss these spectacular conditions!

It sure feels like home here at Treetops Resort!

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