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Fat Tire Biking

Fat Tire Biking

Who said biking was only a summer activity? With our fat tire bikes you can now traverse roads and trails through snow without any trouble. Imagine mountain biking meets cross country skiing! With the additional surface area on the wheels of these bikes, you will be able to bike through most winter weather with much greater ease, provided you bundle up before going out. Fat tire biking also provides additional comfort for the rider by absorbing much of the shock from holes and bumps on the trails. This is yet another great way to experience our one of a kind northern Michigan trails.

Plan your routes ahead of time by taking a look at the map of fat tire biking trails on our main property.


Available when conditions permit on the trails, all year long.

Fat tire biking rentals can be booked in advance online. When you want to ride, come pick up your fat tire bike and helmet at the Jones Pro Shop.

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