Take the crying out of Wedding Planning, oh wait

Everything was all fun and games during the proposal, the Facebook status update, and the group texts to your friends about the engagement. What you guys didn’t think about was the nightmare that follows the dream: planning a wedding. Lucky for you love birds, Treetops is more than equipped and our staff is beyond adept at making sense of matrimony. Especially when there aren’t any bridezillas involved.

Why a wedding at Treetops means you’re winning

Full-service everything

From the food, to the venues, and everything in between, Treetops has it covered. Whatever crazy idea pops into that head of yours, we can make it possible.

Ceremonies: Location, location, location

Just like buying a home, you want your wedding in a great area and we’ve got that in spades. Where else can you have an intimate, wholesome wedding overlooking a sea of treetops? Exactly, nowhere but Treetops. See what we did there? But if you’re the indoorsy type, well, we can give you that nature-child feel from the inside without stepping one toe into the forest.

Receptions: Your guests are the free show

We all know how it goes. Receptions are where the bride and groom get the most bang for their buck; especially with our open bar. Entertain your guests, dine on quality food, and let us handle the rest. Not to mention, our locations are certainly places to immortalize your big day and the inevitable embarrassment of your closest friends and family. What happens at the ‘Tops stays at the ‘Tops.

Did somebody say photo op?

Strike a pose or three. We’ll help you capture every living moment of your big day, whether you’re ready or not. Just think of us as your Big Brother for the day. We don’t plan on following you into the bathroom though. That’s just weird.

Like a good venue, Treetops is there, always

Oh so you thought we would just give you a wedding package and let you fend for yourselves? As much as we would love to take your money and run, we actually have some dignity. So much, that we assign you your very crack team of wedding planning professionals that will be a sponge for everything logistics. You’ll even get your own personal wedding planner. You have to give them back though unfortunately for you. But that’s not all, as you’ll find below:

  • When you’re at Treetops, you’re family. Yes, Olive Garden stole that from us.
  • If food is a concern, say no more, friends. Our culinary crew has your dietary needs locked down. Whether you want a regal reception or a casual cookout, we accommodate every style.
  • Keep those jitters and cold-feet at bay with a Treetops special pre-wedding spa day.
  • Depending on the season, you can really tie that knot with some skiing, tubing, or a sleigh ride. For you sun-time lovers, get in on some golf at the 5 Wonders of Michigan.
  • We’re the child of flexibility and affordability. Get that regal wedding you’ve always wanted for a reasonable price.

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