Let’s make your proposal spectacular!

Okay genius, if you’ve got an engagement idea let us help pull it off. We’ve got plenty of places for you to hide a ring or to throw her off so don’t worry. We just hope she actually says yes because we’re not the biggest fans of awkward situations. If you’re fresh out of ideas, here’s a few to get those creative juices flowing:

  • A winter sleigh ride
  • A bonfire overlooking the horizon at dusk
  • Airing a message on the in-room Treetops TV channel
  • Get them to make a “hole-in-one” then hide the ring in hole.
  • Fake a ski accident
  • You get the idea

Making Memories at Treetops

Treetops Resort specializes in making memories. We can work with you to bring your idea to life or we can help you utilize the resources here at Treetops. You could propose on a magical winter sleigh ride, at a bonfire overlooking the fall colors, put a message on the in-room Treetops TV channel…the possibilities are endless. Let’s get planning! Give us a call 866-348-5249.

Let Us Help Make It Perfect!

Run your bright ideas by us if you need a second opinion. If you’re ready to put it all on the line, give a call before it’s time.

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