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Combine the best of soccer and golf with Foot Golf at TreeTops Resort.  Our 18 holes of Foot Golf is built on the front 9 of The Rick Smith Tradition. 

Tee times are available after 4PM and every paid round of Foot Golf includes a voucher for a golf clinic.

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Only tee times after 4pm on Tradition will display the correct price and only if FOOT GOLF is in the promo code field.

Foot Golf Rates

18 Holes $15 per person
Junior Rate (17 and under) $10 per person
Family Rate (4 people, minimum of 2 juniors) $40 per family of 4
Team Rate (up to 20 players and coaches) $125 per team
Golf Cart Rental $15 per person
Ball Rental $5 per ball

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Rules and Regulations

  1. Appropriate attire is required which includes

    a. Men – Shorts, Slacks, Collared Shirts with sleeves (no denim or T-shirts). Mock T’s are acceptable.

    b. Women – Shorts, Skorts, Slacks, Collared Shirts or Golf Specific Shirts (denim, halters or swimming suits are not allowed)

    c. Shoes – Metal Soccer Cleats are NOT permitted. Recommended footwear would be rubber soccer cleats (please do not walk on the greens with cleats), turf shoes, athletic shoes or athletic style golf shoes

  2. No more than 4 players allowed per group unless approved by a Golf Professional. All exceptions to this rule MUST be reported to the Starter/Ranger and the group will be informed that if there are any issues, they may have to break up into foursomes or less.
  3. Your ball must be easy to identify. Rental Balls will all be numbered differently. If you bring your own ball, be sure it differs from others in the group.
  4. Kick off your ball from a point up to two yards behind the tee markers
  5. The ball must be played in a single movement. You are not allowed to push the ball with your foot.
  6. Wait to play until the ball has completely come to rest. It is not legal to stop your ball while still rolling.
  7. Play the ball from where it lies including sand bunkers, woods and weeds. If you have an unplayable lie, you should proceed as you would in golf with a 1 stroke penalty but PLACE your ball rather than drop it.
  8. If your ball interferes with another player’s ball, you must mark your ball by placing a flat object behind the ball. When replacing your ball, place in the same spot and lift your marker.
  9. The player farthest from the hole kicks first. However, if not tournament play, please proceed safely with READY FOOT GOLF which means, kick when you are ready as long as you are not out in front of others in your group in an unsafe manner.
  10. The inside edge of any roads (not cart paths but actual roads) are considered out of bounds. Place your ball within 2 paces of the last point that it crossed before going out of bounds and add a 1 stroke penalty to your score.
  11. Pace of Play Standard for 18 holes of Foot Golf is 2 hours. Groups falling behind our pace of play standard may be asked to move forward to recapture their position on the course.
  12. State Law mandates that no alcoholic beverages may be brought on the premises of a licensed facility. Therefore, coolers and alcohol not purchased from Treetops is not permitted on the course at any times and is subject to confiscation.
  13. As you know, Foot Golf and Golf may at times be played concurrently on the Rick Smith Tradition Course. Please respect the golfers.
  14. Now that you have experienced Foot Golf at Treetops, we urge you to enjoy our golf courses as well. For this reason, we are offering all Foot Golf Customers a voucher for a FREE GOLF CLINIC. Our golf clinics are scheduled at 2:30pm daily at Treetops North. If you have not already received your voucher for this clinic, please stop in the North Golf Shop to get it.
  15. Advance Tee Times can only be reserved after 4pm. Those wishing to play prior to 4pm on any given day MUST call ahead to check for availability which may or may not be granted based on business levels.

Click here to book a tee time.

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