The "BIG AIR" Bag

          In an effort to give our customers a wider range of activities, we've introduced the BIG AIR bag. The "BIG AIR" bag allows skiers and riders alike to practice new tricks in a safe environment. We ask that our riders wear helmets while utilizing proper gear. Each rider will be given a tutorial on how to gain speed and hit the BIG Airbag in the center, so skiers/riders of all skill levels are welcome to give it a try. We invite you to try your new tricks in this safe environment before heading to the snow and experience the feeling of landing on a cloud.


BIG AIRbag times are as follows (conditions permitting):

Interested Skiers and Riders can give the AIRbag a try for free to find out if they're hooked.  All Skiers and Riders must check in a Skier Services to get a pass and they must follow all of the normal requirements (release form, helmet, etc...) to use it.




NOTE: All riders must have an Airbag Liability Release Form signed prior to participation and a parent/guardian must sign a form for children under the age of 18. 

Click here to download a PDF copy of this mandatory release form.


Click here to download a copy of the Air Bag Rules flyer PDF.



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