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Patriot Golf Day

Welcome to Patriot Golf Day at Treetops Resort. Each year, we invite members of our military, both past and present, and their family and friends to Treetops to participate in this 4-day celebration of God and Country at no cost to them.

Each of the individuals below has joined with us in the mission to raise money for the Folds of Honor Foundation to ensure that the children or our nation’s fallen and wounded heroes have the opportunity to pursue higher education by receiving scholarships. By donating to one of the soldiers below, you are not only allowing them to experience a weekend they will not soon forget, but you will also assist in educating the legacy of those who were willing to, or have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. In addition, each of these soldiers has chosen an individual who they will be playing in honor of, or in memory of during Patriot Golf Day Weekend. Please consider donating by clicking the name of the soldier you wish to support.

If you are a military veteran or are serving active duty and wish to join our mission, please click here and fill out the entry form. We’ll be in touch to let you know how you too can join us at Treetops on Labor Day Weekend.

Donation Tracker as of August 28, 2017


Barry George - Playing in memory of in Memory of Sgt. Joe Johnson

Amount Raised: $970  -   Donate Now


Bobby George - Playing in memory of USMC Cpl Jeffrey Standfest, KIA June 16, 2010

Amount Raised: $1080  -  Donate Now


Brad Laackman - Playing in memory of BM2 John Williams

Amount Raised: $0  -  Donate Now


Gary Tanner – playing in memory of Sgt. Andy Eckert, KIA May 8, 2005

Amount Raised: $830  -  Donate Now


Jason Fuller – playing in memory of Col. Terry Fobbs 

Amount Raised: $350  -  Donate Now


Kevin Pollack – playing in memory of LCpl. Kelly Watters, KIA June 11, 2008

Amount Raised: $100  -  Donate Now


Rob Hill – playing in memory of...TBD

Amount Raised: $0  -  Donate Now


William Lobsinger – playing in honor of all of his VFW brothers and sisters

Amount Raised: $320  -  Donate Now


Jason Kruithoff – playing in memory of Cpl Daniel Harvey

Amount Raised: $1,100  -  Donate Now


Joe Newcomb – playing in honor of TBD

Amount Raised: $150  -  Donate Now


Josh Lenartowicz – Playing in honor of his brother SFC Nathan Lenartowicz

Amount Raised: $40  -  Donate Now

 fortney 2015.jpg  

Matthew Fortney – playing in honor of his country

Amount Raised: $500  -  Donate Now


Christopher Moylan – playing in honor of David M. Bernabei II

Amount Raised: $620  -  Donate Now

 Nowaczyk crop.png

Jon Nowaczyk – playing in honor of Richard 

Nowaczyk, Retired CW3

Amount Raised: $360  -  Donate Now

 Cliff Zeedyk in Vietnam1.png

Cliff Zeedyk – playing in honor of the Zeedyk Brothers

Amount Raised: $785  -  Donate Now


Eric Wood – playing in honor of Ronald Wood

Amount Raised: $550  -  Donate Now

 richard mills.jpg.png

Richard Mills – Col Allyn Mills, USAF ret. 

Amount Raised: $710  -  Donate Now

ivan rose.jpg.png

Ivan Rose – playing in honor of Matthew Roland

Amount Raised: $0  -  Donate Now


Robert Kersting – playing in honor of Marv Kersting

Amount Raised: $10  -  Donate Now


Rene Norton – playing in honor of Sgt. Trevor Blumberg 

Amount Raised: $2,310  -  Donate Now


Ross Smith – playing in honor of 2nd LT Brandon Cavanaugh 

Amount Raised: $260  -  Donate Now


Brian Williams – playing in honor of TBD

Amount Raised: $110  -  Donate Now


Jon Waggoner – playing in honor of TBD

Amount Raised: $140  -  Donate Now


Erik Meisner – playing in memory of his father, Colonel Bruce Meisner who passed away 30 Nov 2016

Amount Raised: $1,750  -  Donate Now


Josh Bergman – playing in honor of his country

Amount Raised: $100  -  Donate Now

 scott morton.png  

Scott Morton – playing in honor of his country

Amount Raised: $1,150  -  Donate Now

 Brian Schuett.jpg

Brian Schuett - playing in honor of PO2 Jeffrey Schuett

Amount Raised: $350  -  Donate Now

 Josh Ryan.jpg

Josh Ryan - playing in honor of his country

Amount Raised: $250  -  Donate Now


Ryan Munson - playing in honor of Major Ed Pulido

Amount Raised: $750  -  Donate Now

 Kienan Whetstone.jpg

Kienan Whetstone - playing in honor of Gene Henley

Amount Raised: $250  -  Donate Now

 Bryce Poremba.jpg

Bryce Poremba - playing in honor of his country

Amount Raised: $250  -  Donate Now


Dennis Miller - playing in honor of the 22 soldiers each day that succumb to suicide

Amount Raised: $0  -  Donate Now


Joe Eccleton - playing in honor of his mother Marilyn Eccleton

Amount Raised: $370  -  Donate Now

 Jeff Orler.jpg

Jeff Orler - playing in honor of Mike Luce

Amount Raised: $300  -  Donate Now

 Joe Westbrook.jpg

Joe Westbrook - playing in honor of “Butchie” Westbrook

Amount Raised: $250  -  Donate Now

 David Seaford.jpg  

David Seaford  - playing in honor of All Disabled Veterans

Amount Raised: $70  -  Donate Now

 Frank Vick.jpg  

Frank Vick  - playing in honor of his father PFC Robert C. Vick

Amount Raised: $170  -  Donate Now

 Russ Hayden.jpg  

Russ Hayden  - playing in honor of his country 

Amount Raised: $20  -  Donate Now


DJ Rye  - playing in honor of SPC Brandon Stout

Amount Raised: $470  -  Donate Now


AJ McKinley  - playing in honor of his country 

Amount Raised: $60  -  Donate Now


David Rye  - playing in honor of SFC James Priestap

Amount Raised: $470  -  Donate Now



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