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Patriot Day Golf Donations Tracker


          Treetops is looking for the top military golfers from around the country (military golfers must submit an application to play) to take part in the Shootout which will take place on the #1 Ranked Par Three Course in America, Threetops. With enough money raised for the tremendous cause, each golfer will earn the chance to come to Treetops on Labor Day Weekend free of charge and play (in honor of someone who means the most to them) in the Patriot's Shootout.  This deserving champion will have the honor of naming a Folds of Honor Scholarship worth $5,000 in honor of, in memory of, OR on behalf of the person of their choice.  The Patriot's Shootout will again be televised by MICHIGAN GOLF LIVE!

Contact to receive an application.

By donating on behalf of one of the generous military golfers below, you'll give them the opportunity to play for his or her country in the 5th Annual Patriot's Shootout on September 4, 2015! Donations go to support scholarships for spouses and children of the fallen or wounded while serving our country.

Follow their progress as we count down to this patriotic event!

As of August 29, 2015


erik_meisner.jpg rene_norton.jpg ryanmunson.jpg
Erik Meisner
Donations - $7105
Rene Norton
Donations - $4530
Ryan Munson
Donations - $4070
steve_joslin.JPG aj.jpg jon nowaczyk.png
Steve Joslin
Donations - $1500
AJ McKinley
Donations - $840
Jon Nowaczyk
Donations - $795
jason fuller.jpg cliff zeedyk.jpg joshryan.jpg
Jason Fuller
Donations - $790
Cliff Zeedyk
Donations - $640
Josh Ryan
Donations - $839
joeeccleton.jpg brad laackman.jpg garytanner.JPG
Joe Eccleton
Donations - $590
Brad Laackman
Donations - $610
Gary Tanner
Donations - $570
jeffmason.jpg dennismiller.jpg joshua lenartowicz.jpg
Jeff Mason
Donations - $450
Dennis Miller
Donations - $490
Joshua Lenartowicz
Donations - $430
johnnyharper.jpg christopherkuzma.JPG MarvKersting.png
Johnny Harper 
Donations - $400
Christopher Kuzma
Donations - $370
Marv Kersting
Donations - $370
JohnArno_w150.jpg matthew johns.jpg ronLL.jpg
John Arno
Donations - $350
Matthew Johns
Donations - $270
 Ron Lebourdais
Donations - $270
jeffschuett.JPG robert kersting.jpg matthew fortney.jpg
Jeff Schuett
Donations - $290
Robert Kersting
Donations - $160
Matthew Fortney
Donations - $240
jonwaggoner.jpg kevin pollack.jpg scott morton.png
Jon Waggoner
Donations - $80
Kevin Pollack
Donations - $70
Scott Morton
Donations - $147
richardmills.jpg jasonshaffer.jpg brentbernard.jpg
Richard Mills 
Donations - $10
Jason Shaffer
Donations - $
Brent Bernard
Donations - $150

Jim Smullens 
Donations - $80

Click here to make a donation to your favorite golfer today!

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