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Course Policies

Golf Course Policies

Tee Time Reservations Policy

  Treetops Resort is considered a resort facility open to the public.  We allow advance tee time reservations without restriction (unless stipulated on a certificate that the guest is using).  Future reservations are typically made by the reservations department while same day reservations are made by the respective golf shop directly. For guests booking golf only (no lodging), the most seamless way to book is to utilize our online tee times found on this website.  If you do choose to call and book or book in person, you will be asked for the following information when requesting a tee time:

  1. Requested date of play
  2. Requested golf course
  3. Requested time range
  4. Number of players
  5. Last name, First name, phone number and e-mail address
  6. Credit card to hold the tee time

Dress Code

Golfers and guests on the course, practice area and within the social areas of the clubhouse must wear appropriate attire. 

Men – Slacks or shorts and shirts with sleeves.  

Ladies – Dresses, skirts, slacks or shorts and an acceptable shirt that does not show the midrif.

Check in

It is recommended that guest check in for their tee times at least 30 minutes in advance.  NOTE...For guests playing the Tradition, please take note that the drive from the golf shop to the first tee is 10 minutes.  Please plan accordingly.

Golf Cart Policy

Each occupant of the golf cart must sign a cart rental agreement to access the golf course.  The starters will assess damage to the golf cart prior to the round.  Any damage (not present prior to the round) will be assessed and billed to the driver's credit card.  Below is a link to our cart rental agreement for your preview.

Cart Rental Agreement

Driving Range Policy

Those with a tee time will be given one bag of range balls from the golf shop for warm up prior to the round.  Range balls will be sold by the golf shop for additional balls or for those who do not have a tee time.  Proper attire is required for range use as well.  Other than one night and one morning per week (when we clean pick the driving range and mow it), the driving ranges are open 30 minutes prior to the first tee time until dusk.

Rider Policy

Additional riders may accompany a group on the course unless the course is busy and carts are at a premium.  When the additional rider forces the group to take an additional cart, a fee of $25 will be collected.  If a rider does not force the group to take an additional cart, no fee is charged.

Walking Policy

Walking is allowed on the Tradition course only.  Golfers may need to be shuttled to and from the Tradition course or they can drive their car there and park after checking in.  All golfers must take a cart when playing the Masterpiece, Premier, Signature and Threetops (from time to time, we’ll allow walking on the Premier). 


  1. Due care shall be taken for the safety of all players before any shot (on course or driving range) is attempted.
  2. A player shall not hit until the group in front of them is out of range
  3. So as to not impede speed of play, each player in the group shall be ready to play when it is his/her turn
  4. Keep up Pace.  On a full course, groups playing through slow down the day’s pace even more.  When a group has an open hole ahead of them, they should do everything in their power to close the gap.
  5. To expedite play:  Around the green take your putter and any other club you think you might need to the green surrounds.  Practice continuous putting whenever possible allowing others to hole short putts out rather than marking and waiting.  Situate your clubs so they are on your way back to the cart.  Do scorekeeping on the next tee.

Pace of Play Policy

To insure the enjoyment of all guests at Treetops, we ask that you adhere to our Pace of Play Policy.  If you feel you are unable to adhere to this policy, we are happy to accommodate a tee time (generally late afternoon) that is more suitable to your pace of play preference.

1. Treetops Resort asks that the lead group on each golf course play in less than the pace of play target for each course

2. All groups thereafter must either maintain that target pace or be in line with the group in front of them (do not worry about groups behind you, you can only control your position in relationship to the group in front of you) defined as follows:

3. Should you fall behind this pace our rangers are instructed to inform you and ask you to make an effort to move into position:

 Care for the Course

  1. All bunkers are to be raked following your presence in the bunker
  2. Rakes should be left on the edge of the bunker
  3. Fairway divots shall be replaced or filled with sand provided.  Divots on the tee should be filled with sand where present and by replacing the divot if sand is not present.
  4. Care should be taken so that no damage results in the turf or the lip of the cup when taking out and replacing the flagstick.  Please reach into the hole to remove your ball rather then getting it with your putter or another club.
  5. Any ball damage to the green should be repaired immediately.  A great rule of thumb is to fix your ball mark and at least one other on each green.
  6. Care should be taken to avoid excessive damage to the greens.  Stand away from the cup when not putting and pick up your feet when walking to avoid scuffs.

Golf carts should be kept at least 30 yards away from greens and tees.  Use the cart paths near the greens and tees and the entire length of Par 3 holes.

Junior Golf Policy

Anyone who is 17 or under (or 18 and hasn’t graduated from high school) is considered a Junior Golfer.  Juniors receive special rates and other benefits at Treetops.  All golfers must have a valid driver’s license to drive a golf cart. 

Twilight Golf Policy

Twilight golf is a discounted rate for play in the afternoon on midweek days.  Twilight is available Sunday – Thursday after 3pm.  We do not guarantee the full round of 18 holes will be completed.  Due to the demand for afternoon tee times on Threetops, we do not offer twilight on that course.

Due to the terrain found on our golf courses, we typically ask that groups begin returning to the clubhouse approximately one half hour prior to sunset.  This is done for your safety and the safety of other guests.

Replay Golf Policy 

Same day replays are available seven days a week and is defined as an 18 hole round played after another 18 hole round is completed.  Replays are available on any Treetops 18 hole course and reward the golfer with a discounted rate.  On Threetops, we do offer a PRE-play rate.  This discounted rate is available when you play Threetops PRIOR TO an 18 hole round on that same day.

9 Hole Golf Policy

9 hole rates are published for only the Tradition and Threetops.  Should a guest wish to play 9 holes on the Masterpiece, Premier or Signature, you should know that you will not finish anywhere near the golf shop. 

Rain Check Policy

When a round is interrupted or not started due to weather conditions, the guest may receive a rain check as it is Treetops Policy NOT TO ISSUE REFUNDS for inclement weather.

If the golfer has begun his/her round but it is interrupted by weather:

Food and Beverage

We do not allow any outside food or beverage on the premises, especially on the golf courses.  All food or beverage must be purchased at our restaurant or golf shop lounges.  For this reason,  personal coolers are also prohibited on the golf courses.  Food and Beverage not purchased at Treetops will be confiscated and returned to you at the end of your round.

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