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Dining Entertainment Schedule

December 26-29 6PM-8PM Grey Goose & Bacardi Promo
December 30 12PM-9PM Petoskey Brewery Promo
January 3 & 4 6PM-8PM Bayside Beer Promo
January 11 6PM-8PM Bells Hop Slam Release Party
January 17-19 6PM-8PM Barcardi Promo with Girls
January 25 6PM-8PM Spirits Promo
February 1 6PM-8PM Spirits Promo
February 14-16 6PM-8PM Three-Olives Promo with Girls
February 22 6PM-8PM Spirits Promo
February 23 7:00PM Mackinaw Trails Wine Dinner
February 27 7:00PM Founder's Beer Dinner




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