This food isn’t going to eat itself. Feed that beast what it deserves (and doesn’t).

So you’ve spent the whole day skiing, golfing, relaxing, or melting at our spa. That all works up an appetite that we hope you can sate. Who are we kidding, of course you’ll be satisfied. Our Gaylord restaurants have more food, beer, and stuff you claim you shouldn’t eat than you can shake a fork at. Hey, don’t play with your food. That’s rude.

The lobby-bar where dreams come true

We know what you want to see before you get swinging on the green or shredding that fresh powder. A bar. But not just any bar; this bar is in our lobby. If you find another bar that serves late-night ice cream and a light breakfast, you let us know. They totally stole our idea. Alas, we would not be a true bar if we didn’t have a full arsenal of spirits and brews just waiting to be sipped. We’ve got you covered.

Bloody Marys & great views

Of course that's not all we offer here, but really - what more could you need? With the right garnish, you hit all four food groups - and it's vegetable juice, right?

We do the grilling, you do the eating

If crowds and buffet style battle royales aren’t your style, swing by the Hunter’s Grille for some traditional eating scenarios with a twist. Judge people as your meal overlooks the ski hill and take a swig for each person that falls. It’s a fun game, trust us.

The watering hole that never gets old

With all of these flat-screen TVs you might mistake us for Best Buy; we think that’s fair. If you love beer then welcome to heaven friend. With over 100 beers on tap, we’ll actually be hurt if you can’t find one you like. Definitely ask about our Michigan Craft Beer selection. If you’re visiting, we promise those brews will make you consider relocation.

Treetops supports local farmers.

Eat good and feel good about your meal as it’s locally sourced from farmers around the state of Michigan.
Talk about keeping it culinary in the community.

What are you waiting for? Hop to it!

It’s clear you love beer. So get together with some new beer buddies this year. Join the Treetops Beer Club and experience beers you’ve never heard of in your own Michigan backyard.