This is a no-brainer gift for Dad

Because we're pretty sure he doesn't need another bottle of Old Spice aftershave or another accessory for the grill. AND we're also pretty sure you want to save a bunch of money, but give the coolest gift!

For a limited time, you can take advantage of the special pre-purchase vouchers - you buy now and play later. Pay just $199 for a foursome on the Fazio Premier course, rated 4 ½ stars by Golf Digest.

A savings up to $437

Ask about adding a $99 pre-purchase lodging voucher to this deal and make it a golf getaway! (You know you can buy this for yourself, right?)

Hurry, this offer is limited to the first 50 purchased.

The Treetops Golf Academy can also tee you up for Father’s Day with an advance purchase 1-Day Golf Workshop for just $200 (saves $50) or two 1-Day Golf Workshops for just $350 (saves $150). You and your dad can spend the day improving your skills with our world-class instructors and 5-hours of golf instruction utilizing the latest and greatest in technology, video analysis, personalized lesson web pages, and unlimited golf!
Ask about adding a lodging voucher to this deal to make it a golf getaway!

Hey - not sure if this deal is right for you?

We've got a few more trick up our sleeve, so keep shopping!

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