You may not be Roger Federer or Serena Williams, but in our heart you are. Alright now that you’re flattered, our very own Dave Johnson (Certified Professional Tennis Registry Instructor) can help you improve that killer serve…that goes out of bounds. Did we mention you look great? Feel free to register for lessons online or contact Dave directly. He’s a nice guy, trust us.


If the U.S. Open isn’t in the cards for you, don’t fret. Bring you friends and family, keep it casual, or get some friendly competition going. All courts are open, free of charge. If you need to rent rackets and equipment, feel free to borrow from the front desk.


For all you structure freaks out there, we also offer tennis-themed classes. Check them out below:

  • Cardio Tennis
    • Imagine Richard Simmons with a tennis racket shouting encouragingly at you.
  • “Live Ball” Clinics
    • Get into the science beyond the backswing. You are one with the racket. Be the racket.
    • Price: $10 per class
  • Private Tennis Lessons
    • This is where you drink from the fountain of tennis knowledge by yourself or with a friend.
    • Price: Private lessons – $35 per hour, $20 Semi-private (2 players)
  • Women’s Tennis League
    • Coming soon

For more details, and for racquet availability you can contact Dave Johnson by phone at 586-242-9165 or email: dajoh285@gmail.com