Come meet the coolest feline around, the snowcat. No hissing and meows from this beauty since it’s actually a machine. The Toothfairy of the Slopes as we like to call it. Every day, when skiers wake up to the hit slopes,they’re magically perfect, every time. With no tooth sacrifice to boot. Take a groomer ride and experience what it's like to be a Slope Fairy at Treetops.


  • Schedule: Beginning 12/29/17, every Friday & Saturday night - there's only 2 spots per night - 9:00pm & 9:30pm
  • Restrictions: No food or beverage allowed while riding. 1 person at a time in the snowcat.
  • The cost is $50 and participants must be 18 or older to ride.

Groomer Rides Reservations

Reservations are required in advance to go on groomer rides.

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