Rules separate men from beasts.

Although we’re all technically animals, you can’t expect us to monitor over 3,000 acres with no guidelines. We’re not as bad as TSA, we promise.

Lodging Policies

Check-In & Check-Out

Pretty straight forward. Bug the Lodge Staff at the Front Desk. Check-in starts at 5pm and for check-out we give you the boot at noon.

Early Arrival & Late Departure

We can’t promise anything in regards to timing, but we’re not heartless. If your situation bends us a little, it’s not a big deal.

Room and Location Requests

Look, everybody wants Room 69, 111, and every other “cool” number. We can’t guarantee anything until you show up. We promise you’ll be okay if you don’t get room 420.


Expect our housekeeping staff to refresh your rooms. Don’t expect them to give you 500 towels for a towel fort. As cool as that would be, it’s hard to accommodate. For you fancy condo and cottage folk, we’ll be over there every other day. Sorry, not sorry.

Reservation Policies

Deposit & Cancellation

Cancellation is simple: Cancel seven (7) days before your arrival or we keep your deposit. Also, if you’re a no-show (really?), we keep your deposit. Stuff happens, we get it. But don’t wait until the last minute then look at us like we’re the bad guys. That’s rude.

Special Events

Guess what else is special about special events? It’s a surprise. Ask our Reservation Team about requirements for events booked in advance (SPOILER ALERT: may require advance payments).


Whether Buddy is potty trained or not (the dog, not your son), we don’t want to risk them injuring themselves, other guests, or becoming lunch for the furry natives out here. Service animals, of course, are permitted.

Additional Policies


Take your cigarettes to the designated areas or $250 goes up in smoke if you light up in our rooms. Have you tried getting smoke smells out of a mattress? Exactly.


As fun as they are, we can’t allow snowmobiles on golf courses and certain Resort locations. But we’re not party poopers; ask our agents about the proper trail access and parking areas.


Hold your horses SkyNet. Leave the drones at home unless you get our blessing. Treetops prohibits just about everything that a drone can do. If you somehow get the green light, make sure it follows rules set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), FBI, CIA, Homeland Security… well you get the gist. Violations are no bueno and may incur fines, legal fees, or get your sweet tech snatched by our staff where you can buy it back on Craigslist. Just kidding. Kind of.

Pool Policy/Hours

Come relax or regret a belly flop in our pool and hot tub areas daily from 8am to 10:30pm with towel rentals on tap. We don’t have the budget for a Baywatch crew, so all minors need to be with an adult when splashing around. If we catch you messing around after hours or respecting our policies, you won’t be back. Trust us.

Quiet Hours

We’re not saying your onesie party has to end at 1am but have some respect for your fellow vacationers. Quiet hours are from 10:30pm to 8:00am and we mean it. Just because you’re not planning on getting an early start doesn’t mean everybody is going to be a lazy bone with you. If you think you’re too good for courtesy, then you’re too good for Treetops and we’ll have to ask you to leave.

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