We love charities and the charities love us!

Charities are great. So great that we’ve donated thousands of rounds of golf, ski passes and lodging stays to a bunch of organizations. We’re a regular destination for charitable events such as the Patriot Golf Day Shootout, Pepsi Fall Charity Invitational, Scholarship Scramble, and Toughman/Princess. And as much as we would like to take all the credit, it would be markedly harder without our sponsors.

Treetops is your charity event’s best friend

If your cause is good and your passion sets us on fire, we’d be more than happy to accommodate. We’ve got a grab-bag of ideas for how your event might play out so get in contact with our Sales Maestro, John Rakis, at (877) 724-1083 or jrakis@treetops.com.

Donation Request Policy

We wish we could help every charitable organization out there in the world, but the reality is that we’re not Bill Gates-level…yet. So, despite the large volume of requests monthly, we can’t help everyone.

We can help some organizations if they meet the following criteria:

  • The organization must be in Michigan. We heavily support organizations within Otsego County.
  • The organization must not have received a donation within the current calendar year.
  • The request for a donation must be submitted at least six (6) weeks prior to the day the organization needs the donation.

Shoot us an Email

Good luck on the fundraising road and don’t hesitate to email us.
You’ll never know until you try right?

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What happens next?

Yes, we’re not heartless. We value and consider every charitable organization worthwhile. And we aren’t Scrooges about it either since we contribute to thousands of causes each year. Lastly, much like any online application, submitting one is no guarantee of support from us. Man, if only jobs worked that way. If you’re receiving a donation from us, we’ll shoot you an email. Then, four weeks later, voila! Our donation appears. Just FYI, it won’t be food or money because we can’t accommodate that. Thanks for thinking of us though, you’re swell.